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Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Big Route

On the first day of our trip we will just be driving, driving to get as close to Brasilia as we can before night fall. Some options are here in Corretina-BA or perhaps Luis Eduardo Magalhães.

On Leg #2 we plan to hit Brasilia by lunchtime of our second day and check in at the Casa do Lago which is a bed and breakfast with camping.  That afternoon we plan on doing a blitz tour of the downtown area with supper at a Burger King.

On day #3 we could try to find more to do around Brasilia if we feel unsatisfied or move on to the Parque Nacional das Emas near Mineiros-GO.  The park has three entrances.  I've been in touch with the park about primitive camping which is allowed.  There are some self-guided tours near each entrance.  Longer, safari-type tours in the middle of the park must be accompanied by a paid guide.  I figure we'll go with the cheap camping and free trails.  There is also a pousada right near the entrance if it's rainy or we feel the need for hot baths.

It's about 8 hours just to get to the park from Brasilia so we'll be lucky to get there before the gates close at nightfall.  Apparently this happens from time to time and several travel bloggers suggest rough camping right at entrance.  

On the morning of day #4 we'll do our touring of the place and either stay on that night after a full day of hiking around or move on down the road towards Dourados.

In Dourados we hope to get in a quick visit at the IAME Boys' Home where missionaries with our mission group, BWMOM, have served from time to time over the years.

Day #6  will find us on the way to Foz do Iguaçu.

We'll probably stay two nights in Foz.  There are two camping areas to choose from.  We plan to visit the falls at the Parque Binacional and hope to get in the night tour at the big Itaipu power plant.  We probably won't go into Argentina or Paraguay just to avoid the extra expense of visas for us.  Greyson has a MercoSul passport and could go across just fine.  Maybe we should get ours? 

Day #7 will be a Sunday and put us in a German immigrant colony, Entre Rios, near Guarapuava. Maybe we can find a church with services in German that night for Greyson.  We plan to stay in an inn with a typical German breakfast.

On this second Monday of our trip, Day #8 we will live Entre Rios and try to hit Curitiba by late morning to stop at the Regular Baptist seminary there.  We could potentially spend the night if our visit goes long.  If not, we will try to head for Apiaí to sleep wherever and get a head start on a cave tour the next day at the PETAR park.

Near PETAR - Parque Estadual Turistico do Alto Ribeira - we can stay at the Camping do Benjamin.  I've corresponded with several guides in the area.  Most visits the park require a paid guide.  We hope to see a few caves and hike a few trails as time and funds allow.
From there we'll head north to see the sites around the American colonies - Santa Barbara and Americana where confederate immigrants who left the USA after the Civil War came to start a new life. It's located just north of the cities of Campinas and São Paulo.  Also nearby we hope to see the Word of Life Bible Institute and perhaps the New Tribes Bible Institute.  The New Tribes Institute is a little off our route, but if time allows we will try to visit it as well.
We have to be in Niterói by the evening of Day #11. 

In Niterói we will enjoy the pleasure of staying with some missionary friends.  We'll get to see some of the places where my brother lived and worked while in the area a few years ago.  We'll tour Rio on that Friday, Day #13 and see all the major sites.  We'll head out on the morning of Day #14 in the direction of Diamantina-MG with a stop near Ouro Preto to see an active gold mine.

In Diamantina we'll be staying with some former colleagues from our Fortaleza Academy days.  We hope to see some historical sites in this old mining town.  After Diamantina we'll be heading north to get home jiggedty-jig with a possible stop in Brumados to see some friends and another possible stop in Mucugê to catch a little of the Chapada Diamantina.

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