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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Pallets and Tickets

Byron has been working for the past two weeks to get the Pajero in shape for our trip.  Our car documents are all in order.  He should come home today with a new windshield.  It's a ticket for driving with a cracked windshield.  This is such a joke with all the flying rocks and gravel on Brazilian backroads.  Fluids have been checked and rechecked and some other engine and repair work have been done.  

He's also making a bed!  Yup, a bed!  Or at least a bed frame.  There are several nights where we will just find a truck stop and stop for the night.  By saving a little money here and there, we can have fun a places like Rio and Foz.  Today I got our ticket vouchers for the falls at Iguaçu!

Our biggest problem right now is figuring out how and when to pack up the car since we want to leave out at the crack of dawn on Monday but will need to use the car to haul kids on Sunday?  Guess we'll be up late on Sunday night!

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