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Monday, March 20, 2017

Rerouting, Rerouting

Don't you love it when a GPS decides you are not going back to make that suggested U-turn and so it starts repeating - Rerouting, Rerouting!  In an effort to make our descent from Brasília down to Foz de Iguaçu a little less stressful and a little quicker, I have been searching Google Maps and the WWW again for interesting places to see and at which to stop along a different route than previously posted.

Now after our stay in Brasília, we will head only about four hours south to a "cool" little place full of thermal springs called Caldas Novas.  There is a small possibility of seeing the brother of a church member who resides there.  I found a great price on a place to stay in this most interesting city full of water parks.  We probably won't have the time or money to go to one, but I do hope to stop at a state park with thermal pools.

Here's what our new route should look like:

I'm exploring stops in Peíropolis MG at a Dinossaur Museum and around the Três Lagoas area where the Paraná River has a lot of good sport fishing camps. 

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