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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sobradinho - Brasilia

Monday, March 27, we left Sobradinho around 5:30 am heading for Jacobina where we intended to cut down to Seabra with the idea of hitting Barreiras to spend the night.  We hadn't gone down the road too far when Byron realized he'd left his cell phone at home, but so far that seems to be the only important thing, besides tooth picks!

We enjoyed seeing the signs for different sites that are part of the Chapada National Park, several of which were things we hope to come back and see better on some future road trip all around Bahia.

 Byron pointed out lots of neat stuff as we cruised along including information about the sisal plant which is used to make fibers for ropes.  We saw lots of it as we traveled slower than slow down a rough section of highway near Morro do Chapéu.  Not far from there in a little town called Cafaranaum we saw some of the craziest drivers ever weaving in and out and around and every which a way.


We crossed the São Francisco not too long before sunset.  Our time on the dirt patches of what was supposed to be a nice paved road put us behind schedule for hitting Barreiras before dark.  We ended up sleeping at a truck stop about 100 km away.
We crossed the São Francisco!
 Our first night sleeping in the truck was a little stressful as we arrived at the place after dark, tired, and hungry.  But we all slept quite well with no mosquitos and a nice rain shower in the night to keep us cool.

On our second day of traveling, Tuesday, March 28, we ran across this fine lady in Barreiras and crop dusters spraying soy bean fields.  We saw hours and hours of soy beans, corn and sorghum.

Tonight we are staying in Brasilia at the Casa do Lago Hostel and Camping.  When we arrived smoothly with the help of our great GPS, it was raining cats and dogs.  The owner of the little inn greeted Byron in the rain saying that she had no reservation for us.  After she finally let us in soaking wet from the rain, she offered us a room instead of a campsite.  We gladly accepted.  

We hope the rain won't impede our sight-seeing in the morning as we plan to ride a double-decker tour bus to see the main museums and attractions!

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