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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Caldas Nova - Goias

Rain starting coming down as we left Brasilia on Wednesday after a great lunch at Burger King in the Brasilia Shopping.  The taxi driver had told Byron that traffic only gets bogged down and slowed up when there are protesters in town or when it rains.  That day had both!  And traffic slowed down to a crawl just as we were trying to find the road to our next destination - Caldas Novas.

Our drive of what Google maps had said would only take about 4 hours ended up taking about 6 hours with the rain delays and an interesting turn of events with the GPS route that Byron punched in with "shortest" route instead of "fastest" route.  What's the difference?  Short might not be fast!  It just means fewer kilometers and doesn't take into account speed limits or the type of road.  But scenic it was!

With miles and miles of farms, mostly soy beans,

and some corn.

After our arrival in Caldas Novas which was a little hectic as the address given for the hotel where we were to spend the night wasn't matching up with the GPS.  Add to that a road closed off right where we needed to go.  But we arrived after Byron got out of the car near the blocked section of road and walked around asking for assistance.

Right as we arrived a couple that live in Caldas from Sobradinho also arrived at the time previously set - 7:00 pm to go out with us for pizza.  We had a great evening talking with Elenilson and his wife Mel. 

Our night was peaceful at the CTC Apart Service which I had found on for a mere US$23!  The room was small, but clean and it did not come with a free breakfast like many Brazilian hotels.  Caldas Novas is famous for its hot springs and resorts with their own water parks.  The hotel gives a 50% discount for entrance into one of the parks.  We only needed to spend the night and enjoyed the real beds.

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