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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Curitiba PR to Jundiaí SP

 We arrived in Curitiba at the Seminário Batista Regular do Sul for a brief visit on Monday night, April 3.  We were warmly greeted by Pastor Ed Alexander and his lovely wife, Jan.  We ate supper with the students that night.  Greyson slept in the dorm with students and attended morning classes before we hit the road for São Paulo state.

It was a pleasure for Byron and I both to see this Bible college as we both grew up hearing Pastor George Wells talk about buying a brick to help build the school.  My own Pastor George Law visited the school several times over the years.

As we hit the road again, wooden houses began to be replaced by brick and mortar again, but still the style of houses and buildings seemed somewhat "Swiss German Alpine."  Above was a gasoline station with a mini mall.

While we drove on a well paved highway I noticed a little sign that said Waterfall - 5 km.  I suggested we check it out.  We ended up taking a winding path that seemed well over what the sign had indicated to an actual state park that is located in the middle of the north bound and south bound lanes of the highway!
Entrance to the Turvo River State Park

Finally we got back on the road after a great hike and chat with the park director hoping to hit SP before dark...

We had the privilege of staying with missionary friends that we hadn't seen for years, John and Bev Leonard.  They live in a gated community near Jundiaí SP complete with mountain views and a capivara herd.

Next posts:  Americana, Word of Life, New Tribes Institute and of course, Rio!

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