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Monday, April 3, 2017

Foz to Guarapuava

Bright and early on Sunday morning we left Foz to head to our next destination - Entre Rios, Guarapuava. Before you say, didn't you go to church that morning - remember that most churches in Brazil have their main church service on Sunday night, not in the morning.  And yes, we'll get to that soon enough!

To get out of Foz Byron examined all the possibilities on maps, google and our GPS.  To try and avoid all the tolls we paid coming in from the north was going to be next to impossible without going into Argentina and heading south.  Without the extra funds for Argentinian visas for myself and Byron (Greyson has Mercosul rights), we decided to just pay the tolls and hit the road.

We saw grain mills and plants in almost every little city along the way with fields and fields of corn and soy.

Some of the terrain along the way did vary from the nonstop large scale farms as we went over some mountains.  We began to see more and more large trees including pines.  At one point along the highway we passed through the edge of an Indian reservation.  I didn't catch a good photo but we did see several real live native peoples selling baskets and other handmade goods along the road sides.

We found it especially interesting to see more and more buildings and homes made of wood.  The farms with wooden barns and stables looked just like what we would be used to seeing in the USA.

 A beautiful church along the road.  I was not able to catch the name of the church.

Of course we were surprised at every bridge marked as a river or creek that actually had water underneath.  There were lots of flowing rivers and creeks which is very different from the semiarid Northeast were we have lived to over twenty years.

We learned later from a man at church Sunday night that the main agricultural products of this region are soy (seen above), corn, barley, wheat and oats with some potatoes.

Go to my next post to read about where we stayed and our church experience on Sunday evening.

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