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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Igatu - Home

After our visit to the little village of Igatu on Thursday morning, April 13, we weren't exactly sure what to do next.  We didn't really have time for an big trek into the national park and we were only about 6 hours from Sobradinho according to the GSP.  They tend to exaggerate on the low side, by the way.  Greyson had been reading a book by Euclides da Cunha entitled Rebellion in the Backlands.  Byron wondered how far we were from the city named after the author and the area most mentioned in his historical work - Canudos.  

I punched it into the GPS.  It looked like it would also take about six hours, but would mean that we would arrive after dark and most likely have to spend another night in the car.  It also involved a long stretch of dirt road.  The first part of the route was the same as that of home, so we continued on and contemplated our destination...

From time to time we saw mounds of dirt that nothing seemed to grow on.  We stopped and asked a man who told us that they are called "scabs" and nothing seems to grow on them and if you flatten them out nothing grows on that land either.

We saw lots of mud brick houses with thatched roofs.  Wouldn't work in the cold south!


We missed Cristo in Rio but found him in Bahia.

As we got to the point of turn to Canudos or turn towards home, the Pajero made the call.  The next day was Good Friday and traveling with an overheating engine on a holiday didn't seem like a good plan.  I still hope we can check out those dirt roads and visit the historical town before Greyson leaves for the States in August.   

We treated ourselves to one last fun thing before home - the new Burger King in Juazeiro. We had a good supper and got home around 8:00 pm.

We were warmly greeted by our best friend/neighbors, the house sitter, our two dogs and the orange cat.

We promptly took baths and went to bed.  We unloaded calmly the next day after a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs.
The weary travelers

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