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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Iguaçu Bird Park

After we visited the Falls, and went up and down all the steps (no elevator for my men), we hit the Parque das Aves just outside the main entrance of the national park.  It was a little pricy but well worth the Brazilian reals and the time.  I took well over 50 photos.  Here are my best five...

On the way out of the park you can take your turn to have your photo made holding a tame macaw.  Greyson and I both took our turn with Byron as photo man.

There was a Peruvian musician near the exit of the park playing a pan flute.  Years ago Byron and I met a Peruvian pan flute player in Fortaleza and bought several CD's over the years.  This was not the same man, but he was very friendly and graciously showed Greyson all his various handmade pan flutes and over reed flutes.  And yes, Papa bought one for our musician boy.

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