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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Amazon Trip - First Leg - Petrolina to Benevides {AM Trip #1}

Before I even left home... Bought return plane ticket then found out the boat from Santa Isabel arrives too late to catch it on time.  It was R$500ish to change. When we went to buy a ticket for the Wednesday bus, found out it only runs T TH S. It's already started!

9/26/2017 (no rain)

Left home at 01:45 by car.  Left the car in the lot and keys at bus office for a mechanic to pick up the next day.  The bus headed for Belém was early to Petrolina, and passengers were upset by wait for others who had not arrived yet.  Left 3ish w/o some passengers from Petrolina. 1 person chased us down by car. By the time we got to Terezina things were hot and stayed that way until dark.  From my bus window I saw many thatched roofs...

 some long houses and villas native style. 

Miles of burning

  and a tree in road.

 seas of palm trees.

9/27/2017 (two rains on this day)

Arrived Benevides 5ish.  It was a 26 hour bus ride total. Found out the missionary I'm staying with, Gary Parker knows the Peplows, old missionary friends from my Fortaleza Academy days. Palavra da Vida Norte (Word of Life North) was an abandoned chicken farm. It was re-activated for a while for income. Many of the buildings are converted chicken houses. Everything is green.  There's dew.  There are drain holes in walls (muro). My MP3 got turned on in bag, so the battery went dead. Suitcase, is too heavy, shoulda packed less. It was cloudy all day. Got a little hot after lunch. Toured the Word of Life Seminary campus and college. 

Got some of the history of the work here. Took an afternoon nap w/air. Had lunch in PV cafeteria with Gary, Sandy and Dakota (their dog). On our tour met 2 guys from Barcelos (BAR) and Santa Isabel do R Negro (SI). The missionary conference started that evening.  Chapel music was heavy, especially their rendition of  Holy, Holy, Holy. They had a nice, but dancey choreographed opener. Messages were good. After the service, talked w/ some other missionaries, including one with AMES working in the Casa Nova right near us w/ a representative in Petrolina. Slept well w/o air.* 

from PV Norte's official fb page

from PV Norte's official fb page

*(Editor: During the whole trip I got comments that this hot/dry season was cooler/wetter than normal.)

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