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Monday, October 30, 2017

Down the Madeira River {AM Trip #5}


Woke up at 4 am because of sore throat.  It's starting to descend down my bronchial tubes. Some cough. Considered staying longer. Don't want to go sick into unknown (to me) and worsen. Bought some cough syrup. 

But . . . So now I sit on a "recreio" (slow boat) named Radiante VI with a speed of 9 miles/hour upstream. 

I'll go to Nova Olinda do Norte and maybe up to Manicoré - or on the Rio Madeira. Wish I had a good GPS with the  maps from Projeto Fronteiras showing the unevangelized river communities on the Amazon system. 

As far as Nova Olinda, everything is pretty modern. Itacoatiara had diesel generators for electricity, but Nova Olinda is on the grid. Oh, BTW … it's hot (lower case). Boat to Manicore' is in front of us. Others want to catch it. The captain radioed ahead and asked it to wait.First thing to go "right" (Ed: It may have also been the last). 

Dark now and I'm amazed at how many lights there are. I thought surveying would be harder in dark, but it's easier to see where there are houses. High river banks block the view in the day, the lights are more visible. 

1 1/2 hr before the city of Nova Olinda the boat dragged the bottom. Bet it’s the last time he takes THAT short cut this season. 

Arrived in Nova Olinda around 8:30 pm and went straight to boat -
 "J. Candido XII" (600hp, V-8, rare, old motor, speeds of about 6 miles/hour).  It left immediately and was quite full. It had 4 long bars along the length of its passenger area. Left side hammocks go from bar 1 to 3 and right side goes 2 to 4. When full, hammocks are put long-way at feet like this ---

photo from first boat

I ended up longways near the passage to the next deck after I switched boats.  People were always walking by, and there were lights shining in my eyes. At 3:00 am we stopped at Borba and many got off.  A space opened right beside me, so I moved over. 

Sent and got text messages from Michele in Nova Olinda via roaming Vivo, there's no Oi here.  Sent and got messages in Borba, too.  Heard about our neighbor getting beat by squatters.  

Cold is worse it's down into my lungs and up into my sinuses.  What's bought in Itacoatiara stays in Itacoatiara - at least if its cough syrup.  At 9:15 am yesterday I bought syrup. At 9:30 I got on boat.  Now at 3:00 am on  10/03 I discovered got on without the syrup. Didn't try to take it earlier to not be groggy for the 2nd boat. Where are the wife and kids when I need someone to blame! Oh well, the missionary lady said the last visitors used hers up, so I guess I replenished her supply for the next people.

Route taken by river on October 2 - 3
Michele note:  
Look back soon for the rest of this boat trip 
that will end in Manicoré.

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