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Monday, October 30, 2017

End of the Line - Manicoré {AM Trip #6}


Today makes a week. Seems like forever - and only yesterday. Eager to get home and show the pink dolphin photos to Michele. Got pics of the pink, but the darker (larger) porpoise is more elusive. I've got pics of where he was… Some say the pink ones are more aggressive and "chato" or unfriendly. 

Some river channels are dry. 

The Vegas shooting on news yesterday. 

Hey, saw a rock! 

Showed the gospel rope trick to girl beside me. 


"Café" or breakfast had banana chips.  

They were just like potato chips - thin and crispy with salt. Good. 

Afternoon had heavy rain, couldn't see. Boat dropped tarps but still got stuff wet. (Ah, that's why there are pallets in the middle for luggage!) I threw sheet over my luggage and didn't realize C. S. Lewis's "Mere Christianity" had fallen to the floor. Book got wet. (2 days later, it was still drying.) 

Waves from the storm were a problem for little "lancha" speed boat, but not the big boats. The "recreios" (slow big boats) tow a small speed boat. They are sometimes used as tugs, emergency repairs (no pics, thankfully!) and also mid-trip pick-up and delivery of freight and passengers. 

A guy gets into boat, pulls alongside, transfers, zooms off to shore and back and ties off to stern again. No time lost! 

Got mosquito bites one of my ankles. Must have stuck my foot out of covers during night. Rick had said there are no mosquitos on the boats. Got to Manicoré around 3:00 am... 


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