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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

It's a Jungle Out There! Road from Manicoré to Manaus {AM Trip #9}

10/06/2017 (rain)

Alarm, pack, eat and tote (was carrying hammock over shoulder, now it's in the suitcase). There were ants in the coffee, but since the fly was a false alarm I was embarrassed to say anything. On the dock (down steep hill and across some boards) I found the group. 


The ledge we were standing onto the floating store was breaking off. Our boat was delaying, loaded people kept squeezing by making it sink more, and this enormous boat (recreio) kept going back and forth while tied to the main dock to try to free it from being stuck. The "bridge" board kept moving back and forth and people just kept right on crossing it. 

The lancha finally came and ferried us across and down to Democracia where the road starts - or ends. The ferry was already there and all but one car were gone - presumably including the one I didn't take because it would leave too late. The guy I bought my "ticket" from got his private car off the ferry to join the "convoy" - the REAL reason for delaying the trip (pants on fywah).

We left bouncing and zigzagging holes mud and downed trees and zooming across rotted bridges. The main state road, this turn-off to the river, had been closed for 30 years. It was re-opened 3 years ago. We went under one tree that other truck won't fit with its luggage rack so we stop-n-chop.



On the main highway, BR319, it rained and we hit slick spots like ice. Came to a road block.  A semi had drifted off left and a pick-up right trying to get around. We help the pick-up (a friend - and blocking road), then the truck driver asked for tow. "Just keep my front pointing up." It worked. I ended up in middle of the bench seat and with the mud on windows I got few pics.  The big guys slept. And slumped in. Me, the little guy got squashed.  New-found respect for Oreos!

 Saw stilt houses in burned-out holes in the jungle. 
(Ed:The most remote-looking places of the whole trip.) 
Saw water-buffalo, big black bird (turkey-sized), 
a squirrel I travelled 6000km to see a squirrel - and actually get excited about it. 
Mid-trip stop for ferry. 
Shoulda went to the bathroom but I took pictures. 
Beep beep time to go. 
Big ferry at end crossed mixing of waters. 
While waiting for it I bought 2 packs of fried banana chips. Guess they're common. Later decided they wouldn't be fit to eat by time I got home so I ate them. 

5:00 pm we arrived in Manaus, the driver was 
unsure about the port local.
bridge over the Amazon in Manaus

The last boat to Barcelos was not gone!  But I think I'm the last passenger to board. LOTS of stuff being loaded on board. 

There was no hammock space and as I passed with my hammock in hand I got the evil "not here you don't" looks from people. I just sat on a bench. After supper I hang my hammock below with the cargo.  The next day I found area on a 3rd deck. Don't know how I missed it because I had walked on the 3rd deck looking around, but I guess I was too busy looking at scenery!

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