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Monday, October 30, 2017

The City of Gold - Manicoré {AM Trip #7}


Got to Manicore' around 3:00 am. Asked to sleep on the boat until daylight. Paid R$40 for the boat to Novo Olinda and  R$90 to Manicoré. Went to finally take a shower - no water. There was a killer hill from the dock.

Left my big bag and took just the back pack and hammock. Checked about the bus to Manaus first. Found out the bus stopped this route because of the bad roads and "clandestinos" or private cars carrying paying passengers. Waited for a store to open that runs a car (clandestino). Was told it goes everyday at 5:00 am! That would get me to Manaus in time to catch a boat to Barcelos, my next stop. I plan to go on Friday. 

Now I looked for a hotel. R$50 for one above a store. R$20 across the street - R$30 with a/c and a bathroom. R$30 it is!  Except I found out the bath is from a bucket  due to low water pressure, the commode won't fill to flush, and the a/c broken. But, since I had a bucket, it's wash time! I did whites then shirts (minus the red one).

I had been too embarrassed to let either missionary lady do my laundry, added to that the sick step-ma situation.  Don't know if the clothes got clean, but there was dirt in the bottom of the bucket. Took a while to dry.

Nice town. Well kept, well developed center. Lots of bikes, many electric. Crazy drivers. As with most interior Amazon towns, electricity is by diesel generators, most a rag-tag collection, often in containers. When power went out for awhile someone said they sell off part of the fuel and then shut down for a few hours to make it to the end of the month.

I'm trying to write nice - (looks like mice).  There was a Colombian at the hotel who kept talking about the 'yaba'.  He kinda looked like Fred Flintstone, but he was missing the daba-do (from his yaba).  Turns out "yaba" is Spanish for "chave" or key.

May not have been 'skeeter bites on my leg.
They're farther up than I remembered.

Walked the city to start my survey.  Found out all those sand dredges I had seen are actually GOLD dredges. Saw a jewelry fabricator and ordered a small gold porpoise for Michele.

She texted the addresses of the Baptist churches here.  She sent 15 de Maio street - except it was 15 de Agosto, so I had to wait 3 months. (joke) Pastor is Rogerio, Southern Baptist.  They have some river community work. He's from that church originally.

Took an afternoon sweat nap. Then bought a Vivo cell phone chip. Stupid me registered it with wrong area code. No problem, found out either one of the choices works here w/o a charge. Michele used Voipbuster and we talked until her Internet went out. 

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