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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Visit to SEARA - Urubu River {AM Trip #4}

At 4:00 am I woke with a sore throat. Salt gargled. My alarm was set for 6:30 . . . pm!  Woke up 10 min before morning church services. Ran to the house half dressed, ate a bite and left for church (good food, the missionary wife is from Greensboro, NC). Church was nice. I think they had drums but didn't use them. We didn't go to the evening services.  The church had A/C, but I didn't even notice until I went outside. The step-ma is worse. Rick accepted my offer to move on. 

We toured the "old" boat.

His 1st boat was wooden. It's illegal now even to repair (wood use and cutting is protected).  The 2nd was fiberglass from Curitiba. It was a bad design. This 3rd is aluminium - "the only way to go."

Rick said that from Itacoatiara to the SEARA base where they keep the boat is 1/2 hour by car or 10 hours by boat.  Sometimes there's a cut off at very high water that saves 6 hours. The boat does about 20km/h, has 190hp, 6 cyclinder MWM brand engine. 

Rick and his wife have some BIG dogs. Once coming across the field theirs came running up to me barking. Since I know her I say in English something like "Stop that you silly dog, you know me". Then I see the dog I think I'm talking to by the house. This dog running at me must belong to the woman screaming in the distance "No, Rex. Come back. Stop. Don't eat him!  You know when you eat a gringo it upsets your stomach!" (Ok, I made up the last part about the upset stomach.)

Rick says tributaries can have different levels and sometimes even a "step" at the mouth. Saw "caba" bees - a kind of wasp and some pink dolphins. Big fish slammed the dock (might have been a piraracu?). I made an account on FaceBook so I could finally communicate w/ Michele. No voice, just message - old phone!

hard to get a pic of the dolphins out of the water

 Note:  SEARA is a ministry of Word of Life providing assistance to the river peoples in the area of Itacoatiara through camps, discipleship, church planting and leadership training.  For more info, check out their website...

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