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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Barcelos {AM Trip #11}


Left my luggage on the boat to look for a hotel, some breakfast, and the church. New Tribes missionary, Josias Cambuy, whom I met at the missions conference in Belém had recommended the Hotel Rio Negro. He said it was R$40, but now it's R$60. Stayed anyway. Nice (but hot water was broken). 

Carried my 40 kg (90lbs) of luggage 400 meters all at once. It was easier thinking of the R$10 (U$3) that I didn't  have to pay a porter.  Should have packed less clothes - and more money. 

Showered, washed shirts, chatted with M rinsed and hung shirts. Day started cloudy from yesterday, but is clearing. Took a walk. Didn't spot the parsonage.   The city is kind of run down looking and disorganized. 

This location is one of the oldest in Amazonas, and it was the state capital for awhile. I don’t think there are any original buildings left.  Walked South to the end of town, then East to the near end, and North to the river and back.  Beautiful island beaches at low river.

Didn't feel too hot but my shirt was soaked. Decided on a late lunch/early supper to save a meal. Napped in the room so won't in church! 

At 4:00 pm I walked.  All stores and restaurants were closed. I crossed a creek (West) and see a lontra (otter) and some noisy birds called japim (maybe a type of myna). City has aquarium showing some of the fish they export.  Music from a bar on an island could be heard in the entire city.


Church service was okay - NO DRUMS!  Springboard sermon from Proverbs.  Talked to New Tribes missionary, Joel Hartman, some after the service who attends there. Wife was in a hurry. Both are MK's. FUNAI (the National Indian Foundation) expelled them from living with the tribe they worked with, so they moved to Barcelos.  Many Indians come to town and stay near their house. He says he speaks better Indian than Portuguese. His wife is working on a Bible translation. 

Got a X-egg sandwich. (In Pt, x is said "she's" which sounds like the way they say "cheese". It's what they call a cheeseburger with a fried egg on it. One of the hard parts of learning a language is speaking your language with their accent. You don't order a Big Mac, but a Beeggy Mach) While at restaurant, 'Fantastico' (TV) talked of drought in NE and showed Bahia, (Xique-xique, Casa Nova, Sob, etc). 'Net here's even worse than Manicoré. If you send email and leave it running it'll go in a couple of hours. Found out FaceBook post/pics go OK.

The Fantastico Episode I saw.

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