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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Brumado to Mucugé - Stop #2 - Mining Museum

One of the places on my original list of things to see and do in the Chapada Diamantina was a mining museum near the city of Mucugé.  After our unexpected and somewhat delayed stop at the cave earlier on Wednesday, I was sure if we would make it to the museum and I seemed to remember that it closed at 5:30 pm.  

We topped the mountain and hit the outskirts of Mucugé around 4:55 pm and saw a sign for the museum and decided to go for it.  We kept driving but where was it?  We asked a couple of people who said it was just around the next curve.  There were a lot of curves!  We found the parking lot and the gate was still open.  It was 5:05!

To get to the actual museum you have to walk a trail that includes plants and flowers of the area...

We hurried in, happy to find an attendant still there after a little hike!  He was happy to see three more customers for the day and said the tour would only take about 30 minutes and that he was glad to stay a little late to care for us.

The museum is not large.  It is housed in an old rock hole in the wall where a woman miner had a small trading post years ago.  The guide explained that many miners made camps out of small cave they found or dug out so they would not have to leave their finds.

After our quick tour, Byron asked the fellow how he was planning to get back to town since we had not seen any other vehicles in the parking lot.  He explained that he always catches a ride with passer-by-ers.  So we gave him a lift back to town and asked about two truck stop/gasoline stations we had seen for a good recommendation of which was better for overnight parking.  He suggested the larger of the two named Serra Verde.  So we made our way back to it to settle in for the night.

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