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Monday, April 3, 2017

Colônia Cachoeira, Entre Rios, Guarapuava

Sunday night we arrived in Entre Rios which is about 20 km south of the city of Guarapuava in the state of Paraná.  This area of Brazil has several colonies where Slavic Germans were resettled after World War II in the early 1950's.  Brazil was very interested in helping farmers come to their country to encourage large scale agriculture.  Exceptions were made to allow each group to school their children with the German language. Today each small villa still contain mostly descendants of the first immigrants.  

We stayed at the Pousada Vollweiter in the Colônia Cachoeira.  It's a bread and breakfast known for its incredible colonial breakfast.

The inn was beautifully decorated for Easter including this Easter egg tree behind me.  The architecture of the inn and its overall style and decorating make you think you have been transported to Germany.  Add that to hearing German spoken and you would believe it as long as you didn't look out the back windows and see all the tropical plants in their lovely garden areas.

While we were out and about looking for some supper we came across a park with real Maple trees.

Sunday evening we attended services at this Lutheran church within walking distance from the inn.  Services are held using some German and some Portuguese.  Greyson has studied German for the past two years with the Rosetta Stone program.  It was a very enjoyable experience especially for him.

After church Byron chatted with an older man named Edimar who is a farmer of German descent.  He explained all the crops that are grown in the area and some of the history of the colonies. 

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