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Monday, April 17, 2017

Diamantina - Centro

This is the day I left my camera memory chip in the laptop back at the McMaster's apartment!  But no worries - Greyson Photo Man was on the scene and hence there will be some pics with me in them for this grand day of seeing the sites of the area with Kelly and Debbie.

Kelly and Debbie have been in Diamantina for about two years.  They were great hosts and guides.  Debbie explained a lot about the local crafts and history of the city.  Aside from diamonds, the city is well known for its music conservatory, dried flowers and embroidered "arraiolo" rugs, and its beautiful window panes.

The big downtown cathedral was having a service.  We got to hear a little of the music that morning.

On our trip Greyson did not have any major school work but was working on some assigned reading for Brazilian history.  He was interested to learn that President Juscelino Kubitschek whose memorial we had visited in Brasilia was born and raised in Diamantina.  We passed by his birthplace and this home where he lived as a youth.

Notice our long sleeves and jeans.  It gets chilly in Minas Gerais!

We also visited a gem store where Byron spoke with the owner, an immigrant from Lebanon.  He told Byron a lot about the history of mining in the area.  And I made a few small purchases hence the happy face!

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