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Monday, April 17, 2017

Diamantina -MG, Palm Sunday

After our quick detour to see the UNESCO World Heritage city of Ouro Preto we continued north to another historical city of the great state of Minas Gerais, the city of Diamantina.  Yes, it has to do with diamonds!  The first diamonds were found in the creek that runs in the middle of the city in the early 1700's.  Much like Ouro Preto, it was quickly overrun with miners turning over and looking under every rock and stone for instant wealth.  

We took our time driving up the mountains as Mr. Pajero was overheating some on the inclines.  From time to time Byron would stop and add some water to the radiator.  I took advantage of those quick stops to take photos with the car not in motion.

As we drove along each day we liked to take note of the crops and types of farms and businesses that we saw.  As we drove up the mountains to Diamantina we saw quite a few planted fields of pine trees, but we quickly decided that the main crop of this area was rock!  Rocks, rocks and more rocks!  I did not see any diamonds or gold from my window, although some of the rock faces along the way were quick sparkly!  Fool's gold, I'm sure!
Diamnatina rooftops
We arrived at our hosts' home where we would stay for the next two days around 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Kelly and Debbie McMasters work with a church plant in the city.  We knew them from our days together years ago in Fortaleza. They've been in Minas Gerais now for about two years.

Not long after our arrival a religious procession went right down the McMaster's narrow street.  We were able to film the group from a balcony.  Diamantina is a very religious city with quite a few churches and religious groups.  Sadly few know the truth of the Gospel of Christ and the free gift of salvation.

Sunday night Byron spoke at their congregation.  Greyson helped with special music.

After church we enjoyed some pizza and conversation with the McMasters whom we hadn't been with in person for several years.  We got all caught up on family and missions news.  Then we all tucked in for a good night's sleep before our day of touring the area on Monday, April 10.

Next post:  Downtown Diamantina

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