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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Santa Isabel - Day 2 {AM Trip #14}

10/12/2017 (4 rains, some heavy)

I saw a washer so asked Dona Marlete if I could wash some pants. I've been wearing them a couple of days and then putting them at the bottom of the stack in the suitcase.  Good thing I brought lots of clothes. Now that I've cycled through a few times I've got to do something. I've done more whites and shirts in a bathroom sink, but pants won't fit and would take forever to dry with out a spin cycle.  She says she'd rather do it because only she knows how to work her machine.  And women say men are over-protective of their cars! Hah!  

Pr. Moisés picked me up in the morning to tour the city. We stopped to meet his one of his sons who is also a pastor. His name starts with "J" like almost all his siblings. 

Saw  the  "Indian church". It's called the "Multi-Ethnic Church." He said the group has "converted" several Baptist churches to Indian churches and gone contemporary. The drums aren't just along the Mohawk anymore, ha. 

Saw the airport. Small but nice. Just re-opened. We talked to the pilot of a parked Caravan (plane) who talked of other trips and gave name of where to buy tickets. Went to Tanaka who confirmed there was no Express until 10/24 - 6 days after my plane home leaves from Manaus. Went to plane 'office' (just a regular store). The Tuesday flight was booked but there was s room on Saturday. for R$500.  The Expresso (boat) was R$400 (U$150 & 120), so not much difference. The slow boat (1 ½-2 days) leaves Friday night and is cheaper, but we planned to spend all day Friday traveling on the river to see communities. Plane it is! 

When I first heard of the possibility of the boat problem I contacted my (very) personal travel assistant and had her start researching options - maybe up the Solimões a day and back. It would be about the same price as a hotel with the advantages of including food and actually going somewhere. When I contacted her to confirm she said she had a good lead on a trip and a place to stay.

Pr. M's covered grill
Went to a shop to ask about Pr. Moíses' boat's flooding problem and the mechanic suspects it's a fuel pump diaphragm. After lunch he'll look at it. At the parsonage, Pr. M starts a fire to grill chicken hearts. Heavy rain. Twice. After lunch went back to João's. Talked to him for awhile and tried to encourage him in his Christian life. 

Tried to contact Missionary Jaimeson to learn of his mission's works. Not available. It's a big holiday today. Children's Day (bigger than Christmas) and Our Lady that Appeared, (Aparecida). It's the Roman Catholic feast day for a black Mary statue that is said to have appeared in three fisherman's net in the 1700's and became Brazil's patron saint. 

Went for a walk. 
Talked to a man under his house 
making a sieve for farinha de mandioca.

Saw someone's private gym.

Near the floating dock there's a pretty park,

complete with a new statue of Saint Isabel. . . with lights in her hands, and a big blue one on her head.  

The people are dark w/ rounded faces and somewhat oriental eyes. They have straight jet-black hair and are a little shorter than average. I assume it's Indian influence. 

While I was in the park, there was a boat procession for Aparecida with fireworks, balloons and music. Someone fainted and was carried to hospital.

There were also several fancy fishing tour boats. They get people from all over Brazil and the world and take them out to fish. Most of the main boats have a second, smaller support boat that carries what doesn't fit on main boat. They tow 8-12 speed boats strung along behind and when they arrive at the designated location, a guide and a couple of fishermen get in a boat and spread out.

All have air conditioned sleeping quarters and some are very fancy with glassed in dining rooms and potted plants.  One claims to have the world record bass at 29.1 lbs. One company I had seen advertise online. Plane tickets are extra spaces with these groups' private planes.

The distant thunder clouds have moved around and circled the town. I suddenly realized I'd better head for the "barn." There at the house where I was staying Dona Marlete is serving a kind of sloppy joe to kids. I forgot about the kid's holiday and activity. When she paused to go make more, I grabbed my magic and started witnessing. The kids loved it. I repeated the "tricks" many times (except the cloth trick which I hadn't practiced in awhile and nearly botched) for an hour or maybe more even as it rained and we all squished in under the over-hang. Upon request I even produced a coin from someone's ear. 

Can't get Michele on the phone. Bath and supper. Dona Marlete asked if I liked caça (game). I said I was game to try it. Turned out to be paca (a 20lb "guinea pig"). It was good. Bones looked funny. Tomorrow we start early so it's off to bed. 

Oh, and it's raining again.

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